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We, nuptial, had the pleasure of talking with the owner of UR Saree House & Bridal Wear, Mr. Ruwan Herath. He is one of the new generation trendy bridal dress providers in the wedding industry in Sri Lanka and shared with us his journey so far, experiences in the field and the services provided by UR Saree House & Bridal Wear.

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When did you start your career as a bridal wear supplier and what brought you into the wedding industry?

After being graduated from the faculty of Physical Science, I started my career as an Engineer. Meanwhile, I thought of doing something apart from my main career. So I started an online saree store. 
Then it was the time for my own wedding preparations. We were looking for bridal dresses for my wife and faced so many difficulties in selecting a suitable wedding dress for her. At that moment, for the first time, I felt like designing a bridal dress for my wife since I was already in saree trading industry. My first attempt at designing a bridal dress was succeeded and that was the initiation of UR Bridal Wear.

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How do you carry out this industry successfully and who help you?

Before starting bridal dressings, I got the ideas and the support of local and foreign designers who are my friends. Especially, I get a huge support from my wife. She is from the IT industry but she has a good knowledge and an inclination towards fashions and dressing. At the same time, she has the local and foreign contacts in the fashion designing industry. So it was a huge advantage for us to be established in this field.

What are the new trends of bridal dressings?

The bridal dressing is a different field. Earlier, in Sri Lanka most of the brides wore sarees. But now, Sri Lankan brides including Buddhists tend to wear western dresses especially for the occasions such as going away and homecoming.

With the time passed by, the concept of one day function has come to Sri Lankan wedding culture. With that, the tendency towards a going way changing has increased. The brides prefer to have a totally different look at the going- away and select western dresses for that.

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The demand and the preference of Sri Lankan brides rapidly change parallel to new trends in the field. Most of the time, new western bridal designs and trends are introduced to the world by European countries. People are always updated with new trends. Therefore we make sure to be updated with the new trends in the world.

What are the aspects that you consider when you are choosing a wedding dress for a bride?

Basically, we don’t pressurize the bride. The priority is always given to what she likes. We always encourage the bride to come up with her own preference and ideas because, no matter how do you look like, what is your body type and skin tone, with your day to day experience you know the best match for you. We have a range of readymade dresses and we try them on you and customize them or select a dress according to that.

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Do you have any advice for future brides on choosing their ideal wedding dress?

There are a few important things to keep in mind when you are selecting your wedding dress. First of all, you should decide how you are going to celebrate your wedding according to your budget and the amount that can be allocated for your wedding dress. But for any budget, we are ready to select the ideal wedding dress for you.

Secondly, decide yourself first what do you want to wear on your special day without being influenced by anyone and tell us your likes and dislike. So we can provide you with the best options from our collection and you can decide ultimately the ideal wedding dress for you.

It is equally important to coordinate with your salon or the beautician when you are selecting your bridal dress.

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What makes your collection unique and outstanding among that of other designers of the industry?

We are a provider of wedding dresses. So we always select the latest and best designs for our collection. Before adding them to our exclusive collection, we do a thorough study on the latest designs, trends, and materials including laces and beads that have been used for these dresses.   

We have a wide range of readymade collection and the latest materials such as laces, beads etc. Since we are doing a customized service, we are always ready to alter or add new materials and designs to your dress according to your preference and imaginations. Thus at the end of the day, you will get a totally unique and a perfect wedding dress specially designed for you. So our dresses are always unique and outstanding.  This is the specialty of us among the rest of bridal wear suppliers.

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Are there any new plans coming up for the near future?

This is actually a fast-changing industry. A trend today would not be the same for tomorrow. So we keep studying and updating every day. We are constantly inspired by world famous wedding designers and follow their fashion designs. Our main future plan would always be to provide our customers with the latest and fresh designs and idea.

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Now, in Sri Lanka, there is a huge demand for Indian dresses as well. So we hope to expand our trade with Indian bridal wear in near future.

Do you have any message for the customers?

It took us a considerable time period to reach to this position. First, we solved our issues in this industry and realized how to provide a professional service for our customers. Now we are prepared and well qualified to solve your problems with regards to bridal wears.

You can come to us with your ideas and preferences and we have an excellent and very friendly team who can make your dream come true and make you look fabulous on your wedding, homecoming and going away.

I assure that we would be a very good supplier for you and you can get your ideal dress in any color and in any design according to your budget. So visit us and see what we can do for you.

We would like to thank Mr. Ruwan Herath, the owner for UR Saree House & Bridal Wear for taking time to talk with us and we believe that this would be a help for those who are looking for an ideal bridal wear supplier. If you like to find out more about them their website and facebook page are available for you.

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