Pre-Wedding Photo Shoots

Nowadays when people prepare their budget plan for the wedding they do not forget to allocate some amount for the pre wedding shoot as well. A pre wedding shoot is simply a photo shoot that takes place prior to your wedding day. The photo graphic session on the engagement day also comes under the category of pre wedding shoot.

wedding pre-shoot couple

There are different kinds of debates in the society about this new concept. Some people look at this as merely a waste of time and money. But if you study this attentively you will be able to figure out the impact of this on your wedding day as well as the lives of the bride and the groom.

So, what are the benefits of this? A wedding day comes only once to most of us. So being nervous on this day is something common for everyone. This is where the photographer finds it difficult to capture natural and unique features of the bride and groom. So, here the importance of pre shoot is highlighted. The pre shoot will make the couple feel comfortable in front of the camera on their wedding day. Moreover, it helps to build a close relationship with your photographer and identify his/her styles of photo shooting. Not only that your photographer also will take this opportunity to study the beautiful features and other elements of the couple and capture images highlighting those features.

wedding pre-photo shoot couple

Further pre shoot will show you a trial of the performance of your photographer on your big day. You can go through your pre shoot photos and tell him/ her, the areas that should be improved or modified in the wedding day photo shoot. If you are not satisfied with the photos at all then you can consult another photographer for the wedding ceremony.   On your wedding day you are rather restricted with the heavy wedding attires, customs and other responsibilities. That is another reason that you should go for a pre shoot. Since your photo shoot takes place on another day, you have enough time to go to different locations according to your preference. As well as your photographer will be able to capture more natural and romantic images of you.

wedding pre-photo shoot couple

This is also a trial to try out your dresser and make-up artist. You can have an idea about the hair styles and make-up styles that suit you the most. The photos that you take prior to your wedding can be used to make your wedding invitations, cake boxes and decorate your wedding hall in a wonderful and a unique way. Further the photos and videos created with your romantic moments can be shared with your relations and friends on your big day.

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If you are planning to have a pre wedding shoot, here are some tips for you. With the new trends coming up, different concepts and themes have been added to this industry. The traditional concept, casual concept, indigenous concept, and thematic concept are some examples for the international concepts of pre shoot. So my advice is to have a clear idea of these new trends and plan a perfect pre shoot for you. The information is highly available on internet and you can discuss with your photographer as well.

wedding pre-shoot in sri lanka

Selecting the right photographer is the most important thing. Every photographer follows his or her own style in photo shooting. So his or her previous photo collection is the best resource that you have to study his/her styles and skills. So don't just pick any photographer but find out the perfect one who is capable of making your dream photo collection or video a reality.

Once you select the photographer meet him before the shoot and talk with him/her. You can talk with him/her about your preference and suggestions. You should discuss with him/her even about outfits that you are going to wear because your photographer will suggest you the colors and the designs for the outfits to be selected according to the location, climate and other aspects. Most importantly, when you pick a day for the pre shoot, make sure the photographer has enough time to get your photos and videos ready before the wedding day. If you don't give him/her enough time, the final outcome will not be what you expected.

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